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If you want better internet access then you should consider some of the different packages on the market. Your new internet provider should be able to supply fast broadband with a short one year contract. Here are our top 5 picks.

There are many offers for broadband which could include additional services as a package such as a fast internet connection, Free telephone calls, static IP addresses and normally a Free wireless router for your laptop connection.

Your download speed can vary a lot depending on how far you are away from the exchange for your telephone line and whether the connection is traditional copper or new fibre optic cable. Generally the fastest download speeds are at 24 mb and the cheapest deals have limits on the amount of data you can download each month.

You may also be offered mobile broadband packages which will help your staff and customers whilst out of the office, webhosting packages and site creation tools as well as the all important antivirus and spam filtering software as standard.

The most popular business broadband suppliers are British Telecom, Plusnet, Opal and Pipex who are part of the Tiscali group and business broadband can start at as little as £10 per month plus VAT for the most basic system.

A broadband package can be the lifeblood of a business so you can get official guidance from the industry regulator ofcom who also handle complaints.

   SpeedDownloads Monthly price
BT Standard Business Broadband
  • Free 500 mins. UK landline calls
  • Free £20 gift voucher or
  • Free Cordless phone
  • Wireless router not included
up to
10GB £11.00
PlusNet Business Option 1
  • Free 240 UK landline calls
  • Free Static IP available
  • Free wireless router
  • No network restrictions
up to
10GB £10.00
Eclipse Office Broadband
  • Free unlimited UK calls
  • Free static IP addresses
  • Faster than BT or O2
  • Short 12 month contract
up to
10GB £14.95
XLN Telecom Broadband Saver
  • Free 500 mins. UK landline calls
  • Free first 3 months
  • Free wireless router
  • Unlimited usage
up to
unlimited £7.29
BT UNLIMITED Business Broadband
  • Free 500 mins. UK landline calls
  • Free £20 voucher or cordless phone
  • Free wireless router
  • Unlimited usage each month
up to
unlimited £15.00

Best Business Broadband Packages

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Some government run sites and regulation sites that may help with your business broadband choices include ofcom, stakeholder group and the isp association

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