About us - businessbroadbandpackage.co.uk

Here's a little about our company and the website businessbroadbandpackage.co.uk

We wanted to provide as much information as possible to small businesses as well as large commercial organisations on choosing the right provider and supplier for their internet access. These days it really is almost all down to price although there are additional options.

The backbone provided by BT

Almost all the internet connections are provided by British Telecoms who sell these back to the internet service providers (ISPs) via their wholesale division. So if your internet goes down for whatever reason then it is primary down to BT to fix it. However, there are new operators who provide cable connections, such as Virgin, who are completely responsible for their connections and have nothing to do with BT in these circumstances.

How fast can your speed be ?

It's mainly due to how far away from the exchange you are and what type of upgrades are at the exchange. These two items for most businesses are the crucial points as to what type of internet download speeds you can get.

Getting the right information

We have hopefully provided enough information on this site on the types of speed you can get, the latest offers from the major carriers (such as three months free or discounted and the free wireless routers most now offer) and how to negotiate everything for reduced costs. If you have any comments on this site then please contact us using our online contact form.