Best Business Broadband Providers

There are many providers wanting your business broadband business so below we list the main ones and some of the offers that are available for uk based businesses.

These are the current best business broadband providers in the UK who can offer such deals to business users. Sometimes there are promotional discounts that could be applied so have a look at their websites to see what's available today. We always recommend that people start with BT as their service for business users is good and much better than for the consumer division.

In almost all cases especially for the small business owner you can get cheaper deals than if you were a domestic customer. As prices now start at just £11 + VAT per month from British Telecom and you still receive the great BT service although you won't necessarily get a free wireless router on this package, this is a great starter service if you are at the initial stage of setting up your office. There really is no need to pay any more if you are just performing general surfing queries by looking at web pages and use the internet for email.

As the majority of business owners don't actually use video or play games a limited download service is something that would appeal to most. If you already have a broadband connection and are unsure of your usage data then speak to your current provider and they will be able to let you know just how much bandwidth you have used for your business over the past few months and over the year. This will then provide you with the data to decide if you need an unlimited package or just use 10mb per month. Normally you won't get cut off if you exceed this quota and may have to pay a small additional charge, but if you do, you can simply upgrade your package to the next one after you have received your invoice.

If you don't want to use BT as a provider then there are plenty of others to choose from but be aware that most actually use the BT wholesale network unless they are a cable operator such as virgin who are starting to develop their own fibre optic network across the UK. Most complaints for BT stem from their overseas customer services but they are a helpful bunch who are getting better as time progresses.

RankProviderPackageCostLimitsMore info
BT Standard Business Broadband
  • Just £11.00 per month
  • Up to 20mbps download speeds
  • Free wireless router
  • Free wi-fi minutes
PlusNet Business Option 1
  • £10.00 per month
  • Up to 20mbps download speed
  • Free wireless router
  • 10GB monthly limit
Eclipse Office Broadband
  • £14.95 per month
  • First 2 months free
  • Faster than BT or O2
  • 10GB monthly limit