Cheap Business Broadband

If you are a small business and looking to connect to the internet or an existing business looking to compare the best deals and cheapest prices online for business broadband then you have come to the right place.

For businesses out of the main city areas you are likely to have existing BT wholesale connections so no matter who you choose as your isp the connection will be over the current BT network and there is really nothing you can do about the speeds you have but the pricing may be different from BT. Although through experience we have found that BT is much better at getting issues resolved as another ISP has to contact BT on your behalf to solve any problems you may be experiencing.

However, if you live in a major city such as London, Birmingham, Manchester or Leeds for example you may be able to get the latest fibre optic networks that are being rolled out by some internet companies such as Virgin. In some areas the download speeds are as fast as 100mb which beats the average for the UK of around 6mbs by far.

You'll need to check on your business postcode to see which services are available in your area before you can check on the prices. Certainly the cheapest business broadband can be found from BT if you just want a standard connection for a few people in your office but for larger businesses you may want to choose something else and may have to opt for a specialist contract.

In almost all cases the best prices can be found online and using a few promotional and discount voucher codes may be able to reduce the cost even further.

Here are some cheap deals for business broadband that you may want to consider from these national suppliers.

BT Business Broadband offers business users a range of packages to suit their requirements from just £11 per month. You'll also receive unlimited use of the internet so there are no caps applied, speeds of up to 20mb and a free wireless router. There are also many offers BT provides and currently if you sign up online you get either a £20 gift voucher or a free cordless telephone worth £39.99.

Plus net business broadband offers businesses a similar deal to the above but their prices start at just £10 per month and also include some free mobile and telephone calls in the package. Plusnet are based in Yorkshire and pride themselves on excellent customer services with their support centres based in the UK. There are various options for speed and unlimited use so it's worth checking their website to see what is on offer.

In essence all deals for business broadband products are almost the same. Most of the basic entry level products start at around £10 or £11 per month and in most cases you get the free wireless router that is offered. As we mentioned above most companies use the BT internet service in any case so it may be a case of just choosing the cheapest provider as they are purchasing from BT wholesale and simply reselling. Our advice is to look at what BT offers in the first place because the deals for new customers are excellent and often have the first 3 months free as well if you sign up online. Have a look at their website because you can order and get set up online.