Free Wireless Router

One of the pieces of technology you'll need if you don't have a hard wired connection to the internet is a free wireless router that enables both laptops and desktop computers to access your home or business broadband connection wirelessly so you can move around and don't need tons of cables sticking out of your computer all of the time.

If you change broadband suppliers then you'll almost certainly be offered a free wireless router but not all of them are the same. You'll need to choose a router that is powerful depending on the type of premises and how far away from the actual box you are as the strength of the signal is more important when you are considering your purchase.

The free wireless router from BT is called a home hub and the new black version is one of the best on the market and can save you up to £80 if you were to purchase it separately from the retail side of the operation. These are very easy to set up and all modern computers generally just connect to them. The password for this system is actually on the back of the router so you can connect securely with real ease.

The BT hub can also manage your telephones as well and is small enough to be placed anywhere such as under a desk. Although this comes with software you will only need it if your internet connection goes down for whatever reason and it's not need to set anything up as your windows software will find the router automatically and connect to it so long as you have the password.

In reality of course you will only need a wireless router if you have just a few laptop or desktop computers to connect to your network so is really only suitable for smaller business users who may just have a few employees or for sole traders who are either working from home or have a small office environment. The technology has moved on immensely in recent years so the range and quality of the wireless signal has improved so you can have the router at one end of your office and it will still connect for perhaps up to 300 meters away.

Although the providers may say that their wireless routers costs £80 or so if you don't get offered a free one or don't want the one that is supplied you can pick up ones from the main technology suppliers such as netgear, d-link or linksys for around £40 or so. But of course if you are offered one of these routers then you may as well take the offer and set up your network using the software and equipment provided and check to see how it operates before spending more money on other third party solutions.