Mobile Broadband Packages

Now technology has moved onto the mobile phone stage you may also be interested in mobile broadband packages that allow you to browse the internet whilst on the move with your laptop or small portable tablet. The best deals can be found online so it's best if you go to one of the price comparison websites or specialist broadband websites to see the latest offers where you can buy everything online and get connection in a matter of hours.

There are many packages available and some have unlimited data downloads but most have some for of limit on the amount of time you can use your computer browsing online. Most of the mobile phone companies now also offer a free laptop if you take one of their monthly contract plans so you get two deals for the price of one. Most of the new contracts now last for around 18 months and download speeds vary from 3.6mb to 7.2mb which is faster than most homes can receive these days.

To receive mobile broadband on your laptop you'll need a usb modem which most companies offer you for free if you take out one of their packages. Although some of the cheaper contracts start at just £10 per month there are download limits of between 1gb and 5gb so where you undertake a comparison of what's on offer perhaps the download limits are ones to watch out for but it depends on what you are going to use your mobile broadband connection for. If it's just to browse regular sites or to send and receive email then these basic limits may be enough for you.

All of the main mobile phone operators offer both pay as you go and contract tariffs where they will supply you with a dongle that may have some credit pre-loaded for you. Just ensure that the network is secure that you are connecting to so your passwords and secure data is safe. You may be able to pick up good rates as a personal customer rather than a business as there are even free laptop deals to be had if you sign up to a 24 month or 36 month contract.

As with standard broadband contracts there may be some download limits and these are generally set at around 1gb per month although there are some unlimited contracts available which start at around £10 per month. The competition in this area of internet access is hotting up with better prices as well as better monthly allowances for your data transfer limits. Check with your current mobile operator what offers are available for you.